Hi Johnny!
This is Diego from G’77 Magazine in Madrid. Hope you enjoy the questions. I am really waiting to see you again over here.
Thanks for your time!
Diego R.J.

- First of all, unga tunga burundi ungawa?
wanna tanna be be...ungawa

- I think it is better for the fans talking in our language, what other cavemen are coming with you and Eddie and from which tribes do they come from?
 teen beat -from the tu ula tribe    and todd from the hi-riser tribe

- I suppose you are too prehistoric to have photos of your favourite artists so what can of cave painting can we find in your grotto?

- Do you remember the day rock’n’roll cursed your soul?
the day i was born

- Johnny, you are a true rock’n’roll “Homo Neanderthalensis”, but Eddie Angel’s guitar technical make us think he is a “Homo Habilis”. He is a caveman too, but from other specie. Could you tell us how was the first contact between you, the day the two species met?
met in cave ..... fun and music and grog everywhere

- If I am not wrong you live in NY. How is that city “modern” scene for such an old rock’n’roll lover?
 rama lama ding dong

- One of your last recordings was that single tribute to Brian Wilson, a 7’’ recorded at Mono Bar in Alicante, Spain. How was that experience and which are your bet memories from that day apart from “Spanish tortilla”?
too much grog

- What has meant rock’n’roll for Johnny Rabb and what means Johnny Rabb for Rock’n’Roll?
more grog

- After your travel from the Stone Age crossing the darkest jungles, you visit outer space looking for some twist rhythms. Which will be the next Neanderthals adventure?
folk music

- This is one of our favourite questions, could you tell me your three favourite rock’n’roll dead stars?
the holy three ... elvis, buddy holly, and tyrone schmedling

- If I am not wrong you have recorded your four albums in four different studios, in four different cities and with many different people. It seems that inside your garage-frat-hot rod-twist-rock’n’roll style you are always looking for new sensations and you don’t want to repeat the same, is it this way?

- Who would you prefer to share the microphone with on the stage and why, Elvis, Fred Flintstone or Tarzan?
tarzan - call of the wildest!

- Many people talk about we need a rock’n’roll evolution, I think that what we need is a rock’n’roll involution. What do you think about this?

- You have a 1953 jukebox at your home. Tell me some of your favourite and most rare singles you have in it.
love me ... the phantom   
 rampage ... eddie angel

- They are not listening to us. Could you tell me what do you sincerely think about The Hi-Risers?
I NEVER liked them!